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Biovedika Premium California Almonds 500g| 100% Natural | Californian Badam Giri Almonds


100% Natural Californian Almonds
Pure Sunshine farm Almonds from California, USA
No Added Chemicals and No Preservatives


Premium quality American almonds, right from the land of sunshine California. Almonds are good for health as the California Almonds are rich in nutrients & are adequate to offer a healthy intake of fiber. BIOVEDIKA California Almonds, are the almonds raising the bar of quality for almonds high and better. The California Almonds are pure sunshine farm almonds and very organic. These are a superior quality of almonds that are 100% cholesterol free without any artificial colouring or chemicals. Californian Almonds are rich source of monosaturated fat, protein, fibre, potassium, magnesium, Iron, Antioxidants and lots of important Vitamins to keep you Fit and Healthy. You can eat them soaked, make a smoothie from them, add to your oatmeal, or eat them raw directly; this Californian almond will give you great health and nutritional benefits.


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