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Biovedika Kashmiri Sidr Honey | 100% Pure and Natural Unprocessed| Authentic Kashmiri Wild Small Bee Sidr Honey


  • Flavour Sidr Honey
    Weight 250 Grams
    Package Information Bottle
    Specialty Gluten Free
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 43 x 43 x 43 Millimeters
    Material Feature 100% Authentic Kashmiri Sidr Honey
    Country/Region Of Origin India
    Diet Type Vegetarian
    Honey Type Wildflower

Biovedika Kashmiri Honey (Sidr Honey) is sourced directly from Kashmir and made by Wild Small Bees giving it a unique nutritional value and taste apart from enormous medical benefits. Sidr honey is sought after because of its exquisite tastes, health benefits as natural medicine, and even as an aphrodisiac. Genuine Manuka honey and Sidr honey are considered medical-grade honey because their medicinal benefits are far greater than that of your standard table honey. Sidr honey (known as Middle East’s manuka honey) is an established remedy and is far more potent than manuka honey. Sidr honey is monofloral honey made solely from the nectar of Sidr trees also known as Jujube or Berry in Kashmir. Sidr tree is used medicinally from bark to berries, and the antibacterial Sidr honey is expensive due to its wide medical uses. In addition to their many medicinal uses, Sidr berries are also extremely nutritious — something passed down to the honey as well, thanks to the rich soil in the region. Whether you use Biovedika Kashmiri Honey medicinally or nutritionally, you’ll get a superior product with a superior flavour.


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