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BIOVEDIKA – Kerala Cloves- Whole Natural Raw Dried Clove, 100 g, Premium Grade Handpicked Laung


    Weight 100 Grams
    Allergen Information Allergen-Free
    Specialty Natural
    Diet Type Vegetarian
  • 100% Authentic and Natural sourced exclusively from Kerala
  • Rich Aroma and Flavour
  • Handpicked Superior Grade Cloves
  • No Preservations and No Added Colours


BIOVEDIKA – Kerala Cloves- Whole Natural Raw Dried Clove (Laung)
BIOVEDIKA provides pure natural products for benefits of consumers, farmers and environment.

Clove, a pungent aromatic spice is a dried flower bud of clove tree. Cloves grown in Kerala is one of the most sought-after spices in the world due to its rich aroma and taste. BIOVEDIKA Cloves are sourced exclusively from Kerala, India. We provide hand-picked and sun dried naturally grown fresh cloves with pungent aroma. Clove is useful for both cooking and medicinal purposes.

Hand Picked
Kerala Origin
Superior Grade
Hygienically Packed
Pure & Natural
Rich Aroma & Flavor


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