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Biovedika Jatamansi Powder | Baalchad or Balchar | Hair Tonics (200 Gm)


  • Jatamansi also known as Baalchad or Balchar is a common ingredient in most hair tonics.
  • It acts as an anti-fungal agent which revives roots of hair and also helps in fighting scalp infections.
  • Jatamansi Powder is helpful in the growth of hair and for getting smooth, silky and healthy hair.
  • Jatamansi penetrates deep in the follicle and helps to increase the follicular size and elongate the growth phase of hair and makes the hair roots and strands stronger.
  • Regular use of Jatamansi controls premature greying of hair. Jatamansi root paste can also be applied on hair to improve hair strength and growth.


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