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Biovedika Garlic Powder | Spice Blends and Dry Rubs | Improves Metabolism and Gives Beautiful Skin (200 Gm)


  • Garlic powder is made from garlic cloves that have been dehydrated and ground into a fine powder.
  • Ginger powder is great for hair, boosts immunity, improves metabolism and gives beautiful skin.
  • Garlic powder is a popular ingredient in spice blends and dry rubs. It’s used to season meat and veggies, and proves a welcome addition in snacks like popcorn and roasted nuts.
  • It is usually used to flavour curries, dips, sauces, ketchups, etc. Garlic Powder is one of the most useful spice due to its distinctive flavour.
  • Ingredients: Dried Garlic Powder.


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